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Friday, March 11, 2011



"Asteroids", the player can choose the time between the different game types make it easy to change the picture very convenient. He can play it with a "Techno" "modern" or "virus" and ook'n graphics mode power-up. Although somewhat contrary to the original image of "Asteroids" game, this new opportunity to pump some excitement, bringing it closer to what modern mobile game is all about. Arcade games will always put the best basis for mobile games because they feature simple, but very challenging concepts.

Compatible Mobiles

Nokia Phones
Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500
Nokia 5700
Nokia 6110
Nokia 6120
Nokia 6290
Nokia E50
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E61i
Nokia E62
Nokia E65
Nokia E70
Nokia E90
Nokia N71
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N76
Nokia N77
Nokia N80
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia N93i
Nokia N95

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