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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guns Wheels Madheads


They fight in the rubble of the past.
Radioactive desert sand melts under armored wheels of their battle cars, under rays of heavy lasers and fire of plasma guns, melts of anger and despair, of hate and fear, and clouds boil above places of their battles , and drops of rain into steam before it reaches the ground.

Compatible Mobiles 

LG Phones
KB770     KP500     KC780     KF900     KS500     KM330     GM310     GB130     KT770     GB102
GB220     GB250     KC910     GM730     KM900     KC560     GM200     GB210     KS660    
GB230     GD900     GT505     GB270     GM750     CF360     GD510     GU285     GU230     GD710
GS200     GD580     KS360     KF311     KP270     CB360     KP265     KP260     KF390     KF245
KF240     KC550     KF750     KF755     KF700     KF600     KF510     KP320     KT520     KM710
KF310     KP220     KU385     KU380     KG290     KG288     KE590     KG280     KU580     BL20


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