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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diet Planner


This application allows your weight under control. Status bar at the top of the screen shows the actual weight, distance from your target and your actual progress. Using left-right keys you can change the navigation between review daily, weekly and monthly. You can change to see a written analysis. It is possible to target weight change during weight control. If you have a new project only diet erase all data in one step. So easy.

Compatible Mobiles
Samsung Phones
i8510 INNOV8     B5702     S7350 Ultra s     S3100     S7220 Ultra b
D980     S3500     D780     S5150 Diva     S7350 Ultra s
S3310     S5200     C5130     S3600     C6112
S5350 Shark     L700     U600     M3310     S7330 Soul
S5550 Shark 2     U900 Soul     U700     T469 Gravity 2     D780
D880 Duos     i637 Jack     U800 Soul b     M7603 Beat DJ     M3510 Beat
M8800 Pixon     M5650 Lindy     S5600 Preston     B7620 Armani     C3050 Stratus
C5212     B7300 Omnia     S5233T     F480i     C6112
B3410W Ch@t     S7070 Diva     M8910 Pixon12     B3210 Corby     B7330 Omnia
S8300 Ultra     B7320 Omnia     M3710 Corby     W880 AMOLED     F480
B3310     B7610 Omnia     C3510 Genoa     S5560 Marvel     B3410
B5722     i900 Omnia     I8520 Beam     S5230W Star     B5310 Corby
S3650W Corby     S5620 Monte     S8500 Wave     S3650 Corby     S8000 Jet

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