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Sunday, March 6, 2011

65th Bakalar Dinner Celebrated in Bridgeport

The Croatians of Club Poljica kicked off the Lenten season by hosting their annual Bakalar dinner in Bridgeport last night. It has long been tradition – 65 years in fact - that Club Poljica has organised the “Cod Fish Dinner” on the first Saturday in March at the St. Jerome parish. This annual event organised by the club has always been a huge attraction for not only Croatians but their descendants and other parishioners at St. Jerome’s including neighbors and friends.
The Bakalar dinner is a great opportunity for friends and families to dine to together while celebrating our collective heritage and traditions. The club encourages locals to join the celebration in the future. The club's membership includes many Bnews writers and readers who were in attendance. This year's delicious bakalar was prepared by the Soldo brothers whose kitchen secrets may warrant a follow-up story on this blog.

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